Hey Startups, 

Hope all is well. Here at CfA we’ve started to think carefully about the common needs of our Accelerator companies and civic startups in general. What we’ve learned from conversations with numerous startups is that the RFP/procurement and contracting portion of the government sales cycle is one of the most challenging aspects. 
We’ve decided to start working on a sample RFP and a sample contract for governments working with SaaS software, as part of the Open Procurement Standard we’re launching. For this, we could really use your help. 
To do this project it is imperative that we have a wide set of contracts to inform the contract we write. Would you be willing to share contracts and RFPs with us? It’s totally fine if they want to “scrub” the contract to remove any confidential information. We’ll be using the contracts shared by you and other startups to shape an initial, original, contract — which we’ll be sharing publicly for feedback. 
We’re working with http://www.robotandhwang.com/“>Robot Robot and Hwang to produce these documents. 
Let me know if you have any questions. 
– Dharmishta

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