Shaun Abrahamson

Managing Partner

Shaun is a member of the investment committee and leads investment selection and communications with portfolio companies, members of the Network, and limited partners in Fund II.

Before Urban Us, Shaun was an active angel investor, investing in more than 20 firms between 2007 and 2013. . experiences building MediaSentry (acquired by SafeNet in 2005), Starmedia Network (acquired by France Telecom) and Oculus Technologies (MIT CADLab spin-out).

In 1999, he was an early employee at govWorks, one of the earliest startups focused on serving local government. govWorks failed spectacularly during the dot com bust, becoming the subject of the documentary in 2001.

Shaun has written for organizations such as The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Huffington Post, and CNNMoney. Crowdstorm, published by Wiley, was his first book and is a guide to working with large online crowds to find and evaluate ideas. The book is a based on Shaun’s experience working with Starbucks, Omnicom Group, $300 House, and Life Edited.

Shaun has an MSc in Computer Aided Design from MIT; an MBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership; and a BSc from the University of Cape Town. He is papai to Max and Oli, and the number-one fan of his partner, artist Andrea Nhuch. When he is not at work or with his family, you will most likely find him swimming, Onewheeling, or voiding a warranty.