If you’re working on something that has the potential to positively impact 100 cities within five years, please tell us (even if you’re not currently looking for funding).

Our founders tell us that we are among their most helpful investors. Our focus on cities enables us to organize a network of investors, companies, city officials, and experts who are motivated to help startups that help cities.

Our process is built around monthly updates. We ask for these updates until you reach growth stage (typically series A). Monthly updates enable us to make relevant, timely introductions to ensure that you increase your chance of growing your startup and your impact.

While our portfolio and network are concentrated in the Bay Area and New York, we believe that talented teams can be built in many other cities. So we manage most of our work together online via messaging, voice, and video. And we create opportunities to meet in real life too.
After initial research, if we see a potential fit, we introduce you to the network for additional Q&A. Q&A helps us get to know you, but also allows us to discover who in our network might be interested in investing or advising you. If we decide to invest, we immediately begin to connect you with relevant people in our network.

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