Urban.Us is pleased to announce the Urbantech Research Fellowship.

This is a unique opportunity to work with the first venture fund focused on startups that are transforming the built environment, transportation, resources, and local government. Recipients of the 3-month fellowship will work alongside the Urban.Us team, focusing on novel ways to identify, track and support startups, investors, companies, and cities working to solve urban challenges. Urban.Us was conceived as a distributed team. We’ve found that this makes it easy for new and remote participants to join in. So applicants from anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply. This is a part-time, remote fellowship with no stipend. 

The Urbantech Research Fellowship is Ideal for:

  • Software engineers who wish to explore a career in venture capital or impact investing;
  • Financial or VC analysts with engineering experience; or
  • Students in computer science, software engineering, and data science.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Experience building a data platform;
  • Hands-on participation in our network and deal curation process with the opportunity to contribute to our discussions and processes;
  • Due diligence experience by helping the partners evaluate technology and product risks for investment opportunities;
  • Collaboration with a community of founders, experts, cities, and investors working on city problems at the intersection of emerging technology and new business models;
  • Insight into the inner workings of a venture capital operation and ecosystem building; and
  • Opportunities to build relationships with other investors and startups.


  • Collect data from APIs and data sources (public and private) to discover and track companies within our Urbantech Radar platform;
  • Create algorithms to qualify companies based on stage, progress, impact area, and investor quality;
  • Contribute to the Urban.Us network and the Urbantech ecosystem with original insights;
  • Compile insights from meeting with our team, founders, and other investors in our portfolio and network; and
  • Enhance the design of our interfaces and create new ones for internal and public use.


  • 2+ years of experience in software engineering;
  • Highly self-directed and self-motivated;
  • Bias towards action and simplicity;
  • Strong understanding of APIs;
  • Experience with very large datasets;
  • Experience with Google Apps (Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Drive, etc);
  • Commitment of 10 hours per week.

Apply for Urbantech Fellowship

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and new Fellows will be accepted quarterly. The deadline for the Fall Fellowship (Sept-Nov 2016) is August 1, 2016.

About Urban.Us

Urban.Us is an early-stage venture capital firm that helps startups that are making city living better. We focus on helping founders at the earliest stages by connecting them with advisors, customers, and investors in the Urban.Us Network. The fund has offices in San Francisco, New York City, DC, and Miami and invests globally.

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