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Better Cities
Public Benefits
Making Money
Hardware Business Models
Selling to Consumers and Businesses
Selling to Local Governments
Working with Regulators
Your Extended Team
Corporate Partners
Building Trust
Urban Us Investment Memos
– Bowery Farming
– One Wheel (Future Motion)
– Remix
– Seamlessdocs
– Starcity

Over the last six years, Urban Us has met with thousands of founders building startups to solve urban problems. Along the way, we’ve found that startups in this field have some unique challenges, so we decided to create a playbook just for urbantech startup founders.

Often, the innovative ideas of the founders we meet are held back by commonly accepted beliefs like:

“It’s too difficult to work with local governments.”

“Sales cycles are really tough in [fill in the key city sector].”

“Hardware is too hard.”

These are reasonable responses but despite all of these difficulties, it’s possible to build successful urbantech startups that deliver both public benefits and competitive venture returns. We can’t make startups easy, but we believe that following this playbook will increase your chances of building a successful urbantech startup and ultimately re-imagining city life.


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