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December 18, 2013

This is the team behind, so I tend to believe they can do anything (only half kidding).

I believe BRCKs solve a few important problems. For developing countries, stabilizing access via redundant power and connectivity is valuable. This is the teams own use case in Nairobi. What percent of the world’s cities experience shaky power and connectivity? What are people willing to pay to avoid disruptions? I’m not sure this is easy to nail down.

But I could also see a role for this in developed cities, particularly as emergency devices. In fact, Ushahidi is already a key tool in any crisis area, so this should be an easy extension and they already have positive signals from folks who work in these environments.

And I suspect folks walking into an Apple store would might be intrigued by the idea of having one device designed in California and another designed in Nairobi.



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