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December 5th, 2013

This takes me back to my govWorks days when we paid for hours of developer time to create and edit forms. Not cheap and not fast. And this is what seamlessdocs addresses. They can quickly convert PDF forms into online fillable forms saving time and money to setup and then manage operations (the forms we submit, land up going through data entry processes…).

Founders have built and sold companies before. But perhaps even more important is an obsessive level of attention to detail on the design of forms. I’m not ready to call it fun, but the product is impressively well designed with the simple goal of making it easy to set up and manage forms, based on existing PDFs. And the team has the advantage of being able to grab existing forms and convert them into fillable forms in real-time as part of their sales demo.

The team can and has sold to other industry verticals, but has chosen to focus on government, hence the different landing pages.


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