We’re excited to officially welcome LiveStories to the Urban.Us family.

Former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg famously coined the adage “In God we trust. Everyone else, bring data.” This is entirely appropriate since the company that bears his name provides data and analysis for critical financial analyses and decision-making processes.

Local governments increasingly have the datasets they need, many of which are even available to the public. However, a critical challenge remains: finding the best way to understand and use data to make decisions. The current LiveStories platform makes it easy to quickly identify interesting visualizations to help transform data into stories.

LiveStories’ early customers described how they saved time and money as they transformed data into publications they could discuss with elected officials and communities. They saw an impact on their internal and external conversations.

We think this is just the start. What happens when it’s easy to quickly compare the performance of different agencies across various demographics on issues ranging from crime to public health? Could we see faster discovery and implementation of the best policies? We think the answer is yes, and that’s why we’re super excited about LiveStories.

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Here is our Urban Us
startup candidate introduction for LiveStories.

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