We look at a lot of IOT opportunities. They focus on everything from saving water to monitoring air quality. What’s most interesting about IOT is not what the devices are doing, but what people need to do to ensure that the devices work as intended. Ultimately, the promise of IOT depends on people to inspect, maintain and troubleshoot.

And this is where LogCheck excels. Mike and the team are completely focused on enabling people to ensure that buildings function as well as possible. This impacts everything from safety to comfort, but we’re interested most in what got Mike started in the first place – sustainability.

Whether buildings use decades-old boilers or modern building management systems, efficient operations ensure that buildings minimize energy use and ultimately GHG emissions. LogCheck helps people to conduct their rounds and communicate the results to key decision-makers within their organization and even externally to government agencies (digital inspection data can be shared with fire departments, for example). But they go further – the tools can help with performance evaluation as well as training.

Mike and the Logcheck team have already signed up some of the most progressive real estate organizations as customers and investors. We convinced that real estate owners and managers are critical stakeholders to make cities better and Logcheck will do much to help them.

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