When we founded Urban.Us at the end of 2013, Mark43 had recently closed its seed-funding round. Along with firms like See Click Fix, Opengov, Public Stuff and Smartprocure, Mark43 was one of the firms that hinted at a growing trend for startups to work on big city problems.

A few months ago, one of our investors asked if we knew them. I recalled something that sounded like science fiction: a hint of Minority Report and an Iron Man reference. And then Stonly and I had a chance to chat with Scott.

It’s clear that the Mark43 team has fallen in love with their customers’ problems. They’ve used every opportunity to ride along and learn from their customers. The result is a compelling vision that has enabled them to convince some remarkable people to work with them.

Mark43 is the first company we’ve invested in that can count the former head of the CIA as an investor and enthusiastic advisor. They also convinced Washington D.C. Metro Police Chief Lanier to work with them to develop their offering and deploy in one of the most visible and complex law enforcement environments.

We’re excited to see how Mark43 improves law enforcement. We hope they’ll inspire other investors and local governments to work with smart, young, motivated startup founders who want to solve city problems.

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