Manik Suri has an unnatural fascination with regulations and enforcement. When we first met Manik, he had helped to co-found the Govlab and was thinking deeply about better ways to help local governments use technology to help with enforcement challenges in areas range from building to food retail.

Like some many great solutions, Manik was in a unique positioned at the intersection of law and technology. And this allowed him to see what was possible. And as we often see in Urbantech, exploring stakeholders often reveals the best customers. In the case of MeWe, they realized that while they can (and do) help local government inspectors, they could have a big impact on food services organizations like TGI Fridays.

This shift in focus, adding B2B sales to their B2G pipeline, is enabling them to scale more quickly and also find new ways to help both regulators and the companies who want to not just meet regulatory requirements, but also enforce their own internal standards for public health.

It’s fascinating to think about an environment where better regulations that serve the public interest, don’t come with cost burdens for taxpayers. We’re looking forward to playing a small part in helping Manik and MeWe redefine how we think about local regulations and enforcement.

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