In 2011, Shaun worked on a project with Graham Hill that would ultimately lead to Urban.Us. The Life Edited (LE) project set out to show how we can build fantastic living spaces that substantially reduce our footprint while being affordable, desirable places to live.

The work inspired many different projects aimed at doing more with less. And we’ve been looking for teams who might be able to scale the idea quickly into multiple buildings and cities. It turns out that there are quite a few challenges. What’s the best way to find and acquire the right buildings? What do communities look like with many more shared resources (kitchen, living room, etc?)? Who might want to live in these types of spaces?

Then we met Jon and the Starcity team. They have deep experience in real estate and have been iterating quickly to test everything from recruiting and community organizing to finding and retrofitting spaces. They’ve already shown that they can cut the cost and time to bring buildings online, and their ability to build communities looks promising too. 

As we shared in our intro, we believe the team has a shot at bringing a new, affordable, enjoyable, low-footprint living space to many more people who want to live and work in cities. Most importantly, they’re very focused on how they might achieve this at scale. We’re excited to share more in the coming weeks. In the meanwhile, you can learn more about Starcity.  

Welcome Jon, Mo, Jesse, and Josh! 

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