We can finally make it official. Welcome Stonly.

I am excited to have a great co-founder in what I expect will be a fun and rewarding, but challenging adventure. We only met a few months ago, but within the first few interactions, I knew he was special.

The first thing I noticed about Stonly is that he asks a lot of questions. Our first few conversations felt a little like an interrogation, in a good-natured way.

The second thing I noticed is that he loves to help. As he introduced me to people, I noticed that they would often reference some way in which Stonly was helping or had helped them.

And the third thing I noticed is that he makes things happen. Following an early discussion, he sent along a link to a working prototype for our first analytics tool.

Curiousity, empathy and just-do-ity. I can’t think of more relevant qualities to give Urban.Us the best possible chance of success. Welcome Stonly.

Stonly Baptiste

Stonly Baptiste