Welcome to 2020. Only six years ago we set out to help startups solve some of our most complex urban challenges. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to invest in and support more than 500 companies and we’re able to count 50 companies having a global impact in everything from sustainable buildings to transport sharing.

We’ve been a part of an unprecedented cycle of testing and exploration to identify the best approaches to finding a way to reduce our impact on the planet, while increasing quality of life for the majority of people in the world, now living in cities. Broadly we’ve seen cities test more than 5,000 ideas from global firms like IBM to startups, from procurement hacks to ground up policy changes. As we expected, most of the time ideas never made it beyond the pilot phase, but those that are working, have helped to build a catalog of smart city solutions.

Now we’re making sure that every city in the world has access to the most impactful approaches. We’re hopeful about our ability to do provide better quality of life in cities while reducing the risks of climate change that looked far more frightening in 2014.

Thank you and onwards.

/ The Urban.Us Team

This is the note I hope to send you in 2020. Learn what Urban.Us is doing and what you can do to make this real.

/ Shaun