Our new home

We greatly appreciate your time and efforts to help us help startups. Our first 7 months using Basecamp was useful to test different messaging approaches and to reveal needs like making it easier to figure out who else is working with us.

We chose to build a new home rather than buy or rent one. So it is far from complete, but we hope it will make it easier for you to support founders and for founders to more easily find and connect with you.

What can you accomplish by being here?

+ Learn more about who else is here by visiting the People section. You can use the Request an Introduction link. Yep, just like LinkedIn 1.0.

+ Connect with the teams we are currently helping by visiting the Teams section. This is far from done, but for now, it just a way to figure out who is working on what.

+ Update your own profile by clicking the Me > Profile link so that people can find you and reference how they can be helpful to you and vice versa.

+ View updates from around the network.

+ Join in by sharing your own updates or commenting on existing posts.

How you can be helpful right now?

+ Please pop over to the Me > Profile section and check / update your information for accuracy.

How we be helpful to you?

We are looking forward to your feedback and hope you will be vocal about your concerns. Please reach out via email at hello(at)urban.us or leave a comment here.

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