San Francisco-based Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE: WFC) on Tuesday launched the Innovation Incubator (IN2) program, a $10 million environmental grant program for clean technology startups.” [source: Denver Business Journal]

This initiative will initially be targeting clean tech that affects commercial buildings. This could be a good fit for companies like Radiator Labs, Flair, and others here.

According to the original BizJournal article, Wells Fargo wants “to give opportunities to national labs, universities and regional accelerator programs, and entrepreneurs with great ideas for lighting, sensors and controls, space heating and cooling, windows, energy modeling, plug loads and building envelope,” Grosh said.

Here is a great overview video if you want to learn more. This release from Wells Fargo lists channel partners from whom they will be reviewing startups.

We will be reaching out through existing relationships to discuss giving Urban.Us startups access to apply and to see where there might be a fit for being involved in Smart City Startups 2015.


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